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We'd like to let you know what will be happening in the process of working with us. At MET Design, we strive to "speak your language" and eliminate using terminology that might be confusing. Our goal is to provide you with Web site design, Web site development, a marketing campaign, an interactive Flash component, identity development or branding. Whatever the project, we will provide you with a successful solution and a pleasant working relationship.

Once you contact us, we will follow these steps:

Phase I-Pre-Commission
Step One-Discussion of Scope
If you have a project for which you are considering hiring MET Design, the first step is to have a brief Discussion of Scope with us regarding your Web solution or printed materials to assure that we can meet your needs. This Discussion can take place via phone or in person.

Step Two-RFP (Request for Proposal)
If we both agree to continue, we will ask you to provide us with a RFP for the project. If you do not have one, please use our quick RFP Generator (call 212.665.4155 to get a username and password). The information you provide to us through the RFP and our Discussion of Scope will be used to create the Proposal.

An exception to this process is if you just require a Rough Estimate for your project. The Rough Estimate does not include any details or descriptions, just a broad view of the project and the estimated price of completion. A Rough Estimate can be provided within 24-48 hours.

Step Three-Proposal Submission and Review
We will outline the Deliverables and their associated Fees, a Project Summary and supporting materials in the proposal. After you review it, we can schedule a time to clarify any concerns you may have. If necessary, your modifications will be included in a revised proposal. This exchange can happen once or several times.

Step Four-Agreement Submission and Review
Once you have agreed to the terms in the proposal, we will submit our agreement. You will have the chance to review and ask us questions about anything that is unclear. If necessary, your modifications will be included in a revised agreement. This exchange can happen once or several times.

Step Five-Agreement Signing and Deposit
When you accept and sign the agreement, we will require a deposit to start work. Then we will invoice you throughout the project according to an agreed upon schedule of payments based on our project price.
Phase II-Commission
Congratulations! We are ready to work together on a project. Let's proceed to Step One of the "real" work.
Step One-Analysis
In the Analysis Phase, we will work with you to finalize the goals of the project, then translate the goals into the various components of the project within the estimated budget. To facilitate the process, you should provide the following materials to us when available: project specifications document, existing branding and marketing materials, the marketing plan of the company and how this project fits into the plan, and any existing photos, graphics or copy. We will assure that you have the required materials prepared and that there are no surprises anywhere in the process. When necessary, we will interview staff and customers to assure that their needs are addressed.

Step Two-Design
In the Design stage, we decide how your brand, content, required functions, desired user experience and graphic components are expressed visually. We will also consider how these components will function and be generated in the Production and Development stage.

Step Three-Production and Development
If we are working on a Web solution in the Product and Development stage, all production, graphics, HTML coding and programming occurs. All Photoshop documents are converted to graphics and then HTML coded. After this phase is completed, you will see a working site. You can still make text changes at this stage, but major design changes would be costly.

If we are working on a print project, the Production Stage includes preparing files for pre-press, then sending files to the printer. We will provide blueprints and match prints for your review, at which time you will have the opportunity for last minute corrections.

Step Four-Integration
The Integration Phase is only relevant to a Web project. During Integration, both the front-end user interface and the back-end programming merge to form the final site.

Step Five-QA & Testing
For Web solutions, after the solution is integrated, we conduct Quality Assurance testing on the site. We also test the site on various browsers and Web connection speeds to ensure its reliability.

Step Six-Deployment
Once the site is fully tested, we deploy it on the end system.