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Print Design and Production Definition
The design of any materials that require printing to market or advertise the company's products/services. That includes your stationery, business cards, newsletters, promotional items (such as branded pens, magnets, hats, t-shirts), direct mail, and print advertisements.

The MET Design Print Design Process
  • We will meet to discuss of the history, current status and goals of the company, in general.
  • Review and analysis of existing print materials.
  • Discuss the goals of the current project.
  • MET Design submits a proposal and the client reviews it.
  • MET Design revises the proposal according to the client's comments and resubmits it, along with an agreement.
  • MET Design begins the project by showing the client one rough comp of the layout.
  • MET Design refines the layout based on the number of versions/revisions included in the proposal.
  • Once the client approves the design, the production phase begins.
  • When production is completed, a final printed comp or PDF file showing all pages will be submitted for sign off.
  • MET Design delivers the final document to the printer.
  • The printer submits a blueprint and a color match print for sign off.
  • Final revisions are made and the job is printed and delivered to the client (if it will be distributed by the client), the publication (if it is a print ad) or sent to a mail house (if it is a direct mail project).
MET Design Deliverables For Print Design Project
A QuarkExpress or InDesign file along with all imported files and fonts are delivered to the printer.