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How Do I Build A Successful Website?

Web Solutions Definition
A Web Solution is a customized web site that can include:
Web Interface design: what the web site navigation looks like and how it functions.
Architecture web site: how all of the content of the site is organized and named.
Applications: components within the web site that allow for a certain activity to be performed, such as an ecommerce web site solution.
Plug-Ins: activate added functionality in a browser such as Flash or streaming video.

The MET Design Web Solutions Process
  • We will meet with you to discuss of the history, current status and goals of the company, in general.
  • Review and analysis of existing web site and print materials.
  • Discuss the goals of the current project.
  • MET Design submits a proposal and the client reviews it.
  • MET Design revises the proposal according to the client's comments and resubmits it.
  • Once the client approves MET Design for the project, an agreement is signed off by both parties and the first payment of the project is delivered.
  • MET Design begins the project by requesting all content for the project from the client, in digital format.
  • In conjunction with the client, MET Design will define the site architecture, which is reviewed by the client, until it is finally approved.
  • MET Design then presents the client one rough comp of the homepage, through a URL viewable through a web browser.
  • MET Design refines the layout based on the number of versions/revisions included in the proposal.
  • With the homepage approved, the design of the main template begins.
  • Once the client approves the design of all pages, the HTML coding begins and is refined based on the number of versions/revisions included in the proposal.
  • When HTML coding is completed, development work is started. Depending on the type of development work required, it can start earlier in the process.
  • After the development work is completed and integrated, MET Design will conduct quality assurance (QA) to make sure that the site functions in all anticipated situations.
  • Once all "bugs" are eliminated, the client will approve the web site's functionality on a test server.
  • After the client approves the site on the test server, it is transferred to the final server and tested again. If a URL transfer is required, it occurs at this point.
  • Congratulations! Your site is launched!
MET Design Potentional Deliverables For a Web Solutions Project
HTML files, image files and possibly javascript, other coding or applications (purchased from a third party or developed by MET Design).